Coming Soon: About EraseRacism

The EraseRacism (ER) website will be a worldwide, online forum hosted by the University of California Berkeley's Center for Race & Gender. The ER website is devoted exclusively – and comprehensively – to the worldwide fight against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance through

  • monitoring, alerting, information-sharing, education and dialogue;
  • the promotion of equality, reconciliation, tolerance, mutual respect and diversity.


A New Global Tool

Even as the global community grows more interconnected, racial and ethnic differences are among the most profound differences that continue to divide people, leading to violence and group conflict, exclusion, discrimination and other violations of fundamental human rights, the retardation of human and economic development, and a culture of intolerance in everyday life.

Today, the powerful force of the Internet – through the EraseRacism website and other global info-sharing – offers a new and unrivaled tool to help deter and otherwise address race-related discrimination and intolerance wherever they exist in the world today, and to help foster a “counter” culture of equality, tolerance and diversity.

ER permits participants – an ever-widening circle of human rights monitors – to “blow the whistle” on abuses or potential abuses, and to further appropriate responses to them.  It also facilitates the exchange of information on legal and policy remedies and other “best practices’ that can be used to prevent, combat and redress such abuses.  To maximize ER’s utility, information will be retrievable on both a country-by-country and issue-by-issue basis.

Through the efforts of University of California researchers and contributions from ER worldwide participants, ER will feature breaking new stories of relevance from every corner of the globe. In addition, a comprehensive and ever-expanding archive of pertinent “permanent” resources – including, e.g., a country-by-country compendium of laws and judicial opinions, reports and other publications, and directories of concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies – will be accessible to the international community.  ER also provides a venue for academic commentaries on the race-related issues of the day.  Finally, a calendar page will enable information on upcoming meetings and events, both domestic and international, to be posted.

In addition to being an invaluable source of information, EraseRacism will permit individuals and organizations to share information and interact as never before (including through online discussion groups) in addressing the continuing and debilitating scourge of racism, and to “shine the spotlight” on both abuses and the best “counter” remedies and practices.  As no country in the world is untouched by this scourge, the intended reach of ER is, in fact, every country of the world.